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“Concussions are potentially one of the most serious, yet the most difficult to diagnose injury in sports,” (Hossler A1). MIllions of high schoolers play football each year, yet, at most, 10 people die each year from the sport. Why do kids keep playing it then? Most of them like it because of the physical aspect, being able to hit other people and is also a good way to keep fit. They also get enjoyment out of it because it’s fun. Today, more and more kids are getting concussions from purposely ramming their heads into other people. So, how are we supposed to stop this? There is really no way to stop a concussion from happening. Your brain is basically just floating in your head right now. Cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain and acts as a shock absorbers for minor hits to the head. When the brain gets moved quickly or roughly inside the…show more content…
Andre Smith, 17, died from getting hit in the head during a football game. He was hit on the last play of the game, was able to walk off but later collapsed on the sidelines (Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office n.p.). Andre was the seventh person out of eight to die this year. In 2014 five players died and in the past 10 years, at least three players have died each year from hits to the head. Analyst think the reason for having more fatalities in high school than in professional is because of how many people are in the sport. There are approximately 1.1 million high school football players compared to only 10,000 in the NFL, and college football. High school players endure three times as many injuries and catastrophes, like deaths, permanent damage, and neck fractures and head injuries, as college players. The skill level of younger athletes sometimes makes them prone to

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