Persuasive Essay On Concussions In Schools

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In science class we have been learning about concussions for several weeks now and throughout the many weeks of hard work, I realized how life threatening concussions are. I realized that we need to keep our environment safe from concussions by keeping our school sports safe by wearing protective wear, knowing how to treat students with concussions and knowing how to find out if students have concussions. Clinton Township Middle School has many amazing sports opportunities for students here at CTMS but is everyone aware of how dangerous they can be if you aren’t wearing the right protective gear? People may think it’s ridiculous to wear padded helmets in sports like soccer, but it’s better than possibly causing damage to your brain. For instance, in science we were assigned to create a protective helmet that can avoid concussions my group and I decided to use lots of bubble wrap on our helmet so the bubble wrap…show more content…
One of the main ways is to have students rest. But when kid still go to school with concussions and get the same amount of school work it can sometimes make the injury worse. For instance, in the Newsela article “Students With Brain Injuries Struggle when They Return to school” it states “ About one third of students who recovered quickly had headaches and concentration problems that hurt their school work.”This proves that students with concussions should be treated with extra care and support and shouldn’t be getting so much school work. Also, in the newsela article it also says “ Researchers say schools need to do more to help students with brain injuries.They say many schools don’t realize that students with concussions need some of the same kinds of help they give students with learning disabilities.” This also supports my reasoning because without the help you need you won’t make the injury any
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