Persuasive Essay On Concussions Research Paper

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A concussion can happen at any time in sports, and can occur when you bang your head or when your head comes in contact with a hard object or thing. After a concussion student athletes should sit out for a longer period of time to rest and heal the brain to avoid permanent brain damage or risk a second, more serious concussion. Concussions should always be avoided because of the danger it can bring to the body is permanent. The dangers of concussions are permanent or fatal. In article one "Heads Up: Concussions in High School Sports” it says concussions can lead to memory loss, irritability, dizziness, and depression. Depression is is more of a mental damaging injury compared to a physical injury. Depression is when up you bring doubt on your self of you negative on life in general. Memory loss comes the same depression is its more mental the physical, your brain took damage and its able to function the same causing memory loss. Dizziness is physical damage, depending on what side of brain got hit dizziness is also a danger you will not be able to see straight cause your eyes are connected to your brain and you will be noxious,feeling light headed, making it…show more content…
There are many studies proving this as fact, in article four “Girls Suffer Sports Concussions at a Higher Rate Than Boys. Why is that Overlooked?” Female soft ball players have higher rate in concussions then male basketball players the same goes for basketball and soccer. There could be a possible chance is because the male body is just built to with stand certain situations the female body. The article says another reason is possibly because because the shape of their neck and head. Also because women have a premenstrual phase hormones drop creating a with draw making it harder to avoid headache. So this bring to the counter argument that male athletes shouldn't have to sit out for long periods of time cause it's mostly females that are being
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