Persuasive Essay On Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorships Corporate Sponsorships are a major help to not only students but various companies and schools today. Many schools greatly benefit from corporate sponsorships as they help out with buying sports equipment and providing the athletes with gear to wear. Even though schools might have an ad on their jerseys or in their gym they should be thankful because the corporate sponsorships help pay for many items throughout the programs. There are many ways to prove that corporate sponsorships can be very beneficial for schools through rhetorical support and argumentative techniques. Although some parents do not totally agree with certain ads placed in front of their kids; the money gained helps out all the sports programs so they can have nice uniforms and travel suits, and also this helps companies get their name seen and heard. Corporate Sponsorships allow schools to maintain their funding so their programs do not have to be sacrificed. All of the positives of corporate sponsorship outweigh the negatives as it benefits multiple sides and can keep certain programs running. For instance, if Harrisburg did not have fundraising programs they would not be able to afford jerseys and other items. The reason we can get these accessories is because of corporate sponsorships and fundraising. You can not ignore the fact that Sponsorships are needed to keep programs running, it is just a simple fact that a schools budget needs this to keep everything going. An example of

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