Persuasive Essay On Corset Cinchers

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Women who aspire to possess a quintessential figure, an hourglass body shape or appear like a gorgeous celebrity may be in constant search for products or programs that supposedly will enable them to achieve their dreams. Beyonce, Scarlett Johannson and Kim Kardashian are perfect examples of celebrities with gorgeous figures. The masses aspire to mimic them. Large busts, small waists and curvy hips are an attraction for men and women all over the world. Achieving such a figure takes extreme effort, this may involve diets and exercise that are time consuming and in some cases ineffective. Waist cinchers have existed for centuries and originated in France. They are known as corsets. They have served the purpose of providing body shaping to women through the ages.…show more content…
Endorsements by celebrities have encouraged women from all walks of life to try waist cinchers. With increased demand comes increased supply. An increase in suppliers and marketing material unavoidably also increases unsubstantiated claims regarding the results that can be achieved using a waist shaper. Consumers of the product should always use the cincher with the thought in mind that this is not a miracle corset and will still require effort and dedication to achieve the required results. Most importantly women who have had surgery should not be using training waist cinchers until they are fully recovered from their procedures. Post surgical shapers do exist and should be recommended by a physician. Waist training cinchers are a fashion hit in 2015 and are allowing a historical garment to make a twenty first century comeback. There are styles to suit each character with shocking colors or plain industrial black. Studded with metal or jewelry a training cincher can be a fashion statement that can be strutted and flaunted joyfully. It appears the waist cincher comeback is not a flash in the pan but a throwback that is here to
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