Persuasive Essay On Cosmetic Animal Testing

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When it comes to the topic of cosmetic animal testing (Cosmetic animal testing- taking cosmetic products finished or unfinished and using them on animals in many different ways to test for different affects), most people will acknowledge that it is inhumane and unsafe for the sake of animals. When this agreement ends, it is on the question of why we need animals in research. Whereas some are convinced that it’s not harmful to any animal during the process, others maintain that it’s still the most known cosmetic testing today.
The Humane Society acknowledges that testing on animals is a well known form of cosmetic testing. But they go on to state all the different kinds of testing and what they involve. One testing way involves 2,600 rats. Now, what they do with the rats is where the inhumane part comes into play. These rats are exposed to the chemical substance by force feeding or other ways, after they mate them together. All throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding, the pregnant mothers are exposed to the substance everyday. After birth, the mothers are then killed,
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Countries like: European Union, Israel, Norway, and India. While some countries are still considering it, they have not been approved. Other alternatives have been making a huge difference in the cosmetic world. Propaganda and other forms of media are always being released to fight against cosmetic testing allowing another genre of audience seeing these inhumane acts on these animals. Major companies use well known alternatives such as “In Vitro and In Vivo” are a few of the biggest testing alternatives known in banned animal testing countries. According to The Marshall Protocol Knowledge Base, In Vitro means “within the glass”(The Marshall Protocol Knowledge Base, 2017). Carol Howard, from the The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing reports that “In vitro studies are done with cells and tissues in culture.” (Howard,
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