Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Case Study

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You may not be a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover plastic surgery if: • You are a patient suffering from a health condition such as autoimmune diseases or a blood disorder. • Anaesthesia is harmful to you due to your previous medical conditions. • You are obese • You are on a weight reduction diet already and plan to drop off more. • You are planning to have more children in future • You cannot give up on smoking even if you are required to during mommy makeover before and after procedures. Realistic Expectations When you decide to undergo a Mommy Makeover, your cosmetic surgeon will explain the various mommy makeover surgery to you. The main objective of this is to make sure that you have a reasonable understanding of what is possible…show more content…
The cost of a mommy makeover treatment depends on various factors including: The procedures you choose: the cost of Mommy Makeover plastic surgery depends on the number of procedures chosen. If one or more procedures are chosen, each of them will have their own variation and prices. Your surgeon may help you choose a procedure that best suits your budget to achieve that aesthetic as well as financial goal together. Use of Advanced technology: mommy makeover surgery cost depends on the technology used by the surgeon. Use of advanced cosmetic treatment options for more efficient mommy makeover surgery procedure shows better results. While cosmetic techniques like endoscopic surgery or ultrasound-assisted liposuction minimise the discomfort and recovery time. This type of advanced mommy makeover plastic surgery techniques is more expensive than most traditional treatment. Your body type: If you are having liposuction or skin excision, the amount of tissue removed will have a direct correlation to the cost. Therefore, if you have a naturally smaller frame, the cost of your treatment is likely to be

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