Persuasive Essay On Credit Cards In College

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Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a credit card in college? Most adults tell college students to stay away from them, but they are an outstanding way to build your credit. Being a college student without any credit you have to start somewhere. There are various types of credit cards to fit what you’re looking for. Obtaining a credit card will help you to learn financial responsibilities as well as improve your credit score. Credit card companies should come to colleges to teach students everything they need to know about credit cards, and maybe even have a class to teach about financial responsibility while letting students participate hands on. There are several options of credit cards to accommodate the needs of each individual student. One is the student credit card. Although it might not be the best option, it has lower interest rates and an easier chance of approval. With this card you will start out with a lower spending limit. As you prove that you are financially responsible and can make on time…show more content…
To be financially responsible you must live with then your budget and never spend more than you make. In order to see a significant impact on your credit score you must keep a low balance, make the minimum monthly payment or pay balance in full at the end of each billing cycle. If you do not learn and practice financial responsibility as a young adult, it can drastically effect you later in life. Most students are afraid that they will dig a hole they cannot get themselves out of. If credit card companies were to have financial classes there would be a higher chance of students applying for cards. It would help the students to get a feel of how everything works and give them confidence in their selves to make that step in life. Not building your credit or having bad credit will not only affect getting a home, it can also affect your job and lifestyle, as well ruin your
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