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country golf, a speed round of golf, and of course, having days where half the course is closed for junior golfers. Cross country golf is a game where players start at one hole and then shoot to another. For example, if a player started on hole 1 they would have to finish on hole 8. This type of game really helps the player break out of their comfort zone and pushes them to make those challenging shots. Speed rounds are self-explanatory. Students would start on a certain hole and try to get as many holes accomplished in an allotted time. This event would make students work hard to get the shots that are more helpful rather than harmful. During the event there would be many different types of food and drinks available for students.
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This would take place in the month of August and would be for not only students. The purpose of the event is not only to welcome everyone back to school, but to bring many different clienteles to the golf course. By hosting family friendly events, many families will want to spend time there.
The plan for the event is to have activities for all ages. Scotch Pines would host a Back to School Bash Tournament. The tournament would be set up in the style of a scramble, so teams would be able to focus more on having fun than on the aspect of competing. We would have a concert going on, so people could enjoy the music. We would also have deals on food and drinks, making different kinds of specials that appeal to kids and adults. To add on there would be carnival type games set up all over the course. There would be activities related to golfing such as, closest to the pin and a chipping contest. But there would also be balloon popping, water balloon tosses, and other carnival games. The goal of setting up these events all over the course is to make people feel comfortable with the course set up. Overall the event would appeal to everyone, so that people would feel welcome by Scotch Pines Golf

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