Persuasive Essay On Food

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You can bring food or drinks to your cabin after your meal if you’d like, there’s no offense taken on that.
Cruise lines have happy hours for alcohol, so if you plan to get a drink, a little investigation on these timings can save you quite a significant amount.
You don’t have to stick to the main menu at the dining rooms - you could play around with the dishes to pick two desserts in place of the main. You’ll find it easier to decide your meals better if you ask the cruise to share the weekly menu.
For a more relaxed lunch or dinner, you can try heading to the main sitting area instead of the buffet. You will generally find better service and great food, so the price difference paid will seem well worth it.
Look out for any beer tasting or liquor tasting …show more content…

Though cruise lines do offer an unlimited soda card worth a couple dozen bucks, it’s actually not possible to redeem so much soda without it becoming unhealthy for you. So if you can, pass the soda.
Specialty dinners are great for those who want spend on their vacation in a lavishing fashion, but if you’re hoping to save on anything you possibly can – save on food. Avoid restaurants that require you to pay extra for an a la carte, and instead go for the usual shop foods or restaurants.
Specialty lunch is usually cheaper than specialty dinner. So, go ahead and book for that instead.
Great food is always tempting, but you should remind yourself to not overdo it by overeating. You should make sure to atleast digest if not burn away the calories right away, or you’re inviting seasickness yourself.
In many cases, you could easily get your hands on a variety of palates and cuisines being offered as complimentary meals throughout the cruise. You will just need to do a little research.
On the other hand, if you’re willing to book special dining options, by planning ahead of boarding can cut your cost of dining

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