Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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The Cyber bullying is a fact that negatively affects teenagers, both men and women around the world. This is a “trendy attack” the worst is that this type of aggression can make an even greater psychological disturbance that produces a face-to-face, for the insults and cyber bullying is much cruelty in new technologies with which most teenagers live in their daily lives. As technology advances and progresses, evidenced by the thousands of cases of this new methodology to attack people. Threats, photographs stolen or taken out of context, and toxic language, cyber bullying seeks to humiliate and ridicule. Facebook, emails and text messages are their platform. The victims fall into depression, bullies are potential criminals. Everything happens between "cole" students and school students. Like the case of Douglas, "They made me feel that I should not be in this world that did not belong anywhere, that I was kind of an accident, everything was wrong with me. I did not understand why so many people abused me so much”. It was harassment from fellow college that only stopped when Douglas left the classroom and enrolled in a Secondary School by maturity, far from their attackers. But that peace did not last, they found him again and started the bullying even worse with threatening emails. For clarify the above fact, cyber bullying, it can be termed as the use of electronic information and media to harass even individual or group through personal attacks or other means. This has

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