Cyber Bullying Effect

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The Cyber bullying is a fact that negatively affects teenagers, both men and women around the world. This is a “trendy attack” the worst is that this type of aggression can make an even greater psychological disturbance that produces a face-to-face, for the insults and cyber bullying is much cruelty in new technologies with which most teenagers live in their daily lives. As technology advances and progresses, evidenced by the thousands of cases of this new methodology to attack people. Threats, photographs stolen or taken out of context, and toxic language, cyber bullying seeks to humiliate and ridicule. Facebook, emails and text messages are their platform. The victims fall into depression, bullies are potential criminals. Everything happens…show more content…
However, there are other impacts of cyber bullying that harm the lives of persons in the real world. Try to deal with a cyber-bully is hard because they are on your high school, at home and anywhere that you can have access to the internet; there is no an easy way to escape. Responsible parents and gown ups have the responsibility to maintain the young ones safe on the net. Some of the consequences of cyber bullying…show more content…
According to an organization against bullying, there are two types of cyber bullies: Those who have the "power" in other words the ones that are the favorites, the popular, and those who are on social edges. They get involve in bullying as a simple option to maintain their popularity or to gain more "power". Such kids are damage with their own personal self-doubts and a very low self-esteem and harming others helps them overcome and feel good about themselves. According to the organization against bullying, teenagers victims tend to have parents that are not much interest or problems at home, they have learning problems or are being harm at school, and they commonly suffer from bad health, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety
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