Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Ever since schools have been created these so called people called bullies have surfaced causing many problems today in the entire world. So what is a bully you ask? A bully is someone who uses strength or intimidation to those who are weaker to pretty much get them to do what they want. A person who is bullied feels that nobody can help them, they feel outnumbered by the bullies friends , and they often feel sad to the point to where they won’t even talk to anybody because they are afraid that. Bullying is something that is considered inhumane and needs to end but what do you think? Do you believe our efforts that we put in to stop bullying are enough to put it to a halt? According to the author ( Loren fauler, 2012) it states that” most schools do not track whether their anti-bullying programs have made schools any safer and that school are inconsistent in how they record and resolve bullying incidents.” So it seems as if even though there are measures and precautions being taken to prevent bullying our efforts just are not good enough. Now is there a way to completely get away from bullying? no. unfortunately bullying is a normal part of life that we will all have to go through if we have not already went through it in our lifetime. Now of these days bullying has become even easier with something called cyber bullying Because we live in the 21st century, advancements in technology have made bullying even easier to accomplish for example, They spread rumors through

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