Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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A topic sweeping the nation through television and newspapers is cyberbullying—a form of harassment and victimization that has been taken outside of the classroom and playground and into online sources. Whether through texts, personal calls, photo messages, e-mail, online chat rooms, or blogs, today’s teenagers are discovering ways to significantly endanger one another (Ackers 142). Transferring traditional bullying methods into cyberspace, adolescents are put at harm from cyberbullying by simply using the Internet. If bullied at school, a child could always flee from the negative environment to be protected; however, with cyberbullying, victims could be bombarded with upsetting messages every time they access the Internet (Twyman 195). I propose that in order for all innocent young people at risk to feel protected from their peers online, the definition, causes, and negative effects of cyberbullying need to become more widely understood. Hopefully, this will allow parents, lawmakers, and school administrators to do their jobs more effectively by discovering various prevention methods to be put into place.
Cyberbullying is not just a local issue; in fact, it causes concern globally. Therefore, it is essential for some form of action to be taken into effect. Most prevalent in those who are eleven to eighteen years old, cyberbullying most likely occurs during the time frame that a child would be in school (Ackers 142). Melanie Jane Ackers writes an article about a group of
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