Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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In the rays of a warm sunny day, trying to get the perfect lighting for the perfect picture. After several attempts the best picture is chosen to be posted on the internet, hoping to get more likes than before. The need for approval from all peers seems so important, yet so hard to gain. Normally it is easier to get the exact opposite response. While sitting in class, there are two students looking at the picture that was recently posted and they begin to laugh, the hate gradually builds up. Crushing the hope of one day being a popular student that everyone likes and crushing self esteem. Why would anyone want to make someone feel this way? Cyber-bullying is the act of harassing through electronic communication. According to my current research I have found that six out of fourteen high school juniors and seniors have admitted to being cyber-bullied. That is close to half of the random students surveyed. Cyber-bullying can occur on multiple different platforms, such as social media, through texts or by phone call. Cyber-bullying can be an awful experience for the victims, but a lot of people do not look at things from the bully’s point of view. Yes, the bully has no right to treat others so poorly, but maybe they were victims at one point in time as well. As a teenager there is this need of everything to be fair and equal. Which causes bullying in general to become a chain reaction. If someone was bullied to make them feel less wanted or useful than that can cause them to

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