Persuasive Speech On Cybercrime

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Crime is a word that we always heard in this globalization era. Crimes refer to any violation of law or the commission of an act forbidden by law. Since long time ago, crime and criminality have been associated with people living on the planet earth . There are many stages of crime that can be committed around the world. Now what we gonna talk about today is the crime of the internet or should i say technology a.k.a cybercrime.
Cybercrime is a new type of crime that can occurs in this generation. Recently more cybercrime happen because we use technology everyday. This crime can be categorised in different categories. Internet has become one of the main keys for many people around the world. Most of the cybercrime is over the internet. The types of cyber crimes include pornography, cyber fraud, defamation, cyber stalking, harassment, IPR(Intellectual property)theft, data hostage, money laundering, phishing, e-mail bombing, cyber war, illegal EFT(Electronics Funds Transfer).
Now this are a few of cases of cybercrime. High-profile companies that are hit by data breaches in 2015 included the US Office of
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Legitimate companies will not use email messages to ask for your personal information. When in doubt, contact the company by phone or by typing in the company Web address into your Web browser. Don 't click on the links in these messages as they make take you to a fraudulent, malicious Web sites.Be cautious when giving out personal information such as your name, address, phone number or financial information on the Internet. Make sure that websites are secure (e.g. when making online purchases) or that you’ve enabled privacy settings (e.g. when accessing/using social networking sites).Pay attention to privacy policies on Web sites and software. It is important to understand how an organization might collect and use your personal information without your permission.
4.Be aware of what you are going
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