Persuasive Essay On Cyber Privacy

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The internet is a long-established medium that is used for the purpose of real-time global communication and immediate access to international data. With an apparatus that is accessible to nearly 357 million people globally, there is an abundant amount of users that abuse the purpose and privilege of the internet. Many people believe that the increase in online regulations violates the First Amendment and the right to privacy. However, with more internet regulations and censorships, there will be a decrease in internet exploitation and a safer medium for citizens to use. Increasing the amount of internet regulations and censorships will impact many aspects of society; so, is the need for cyber freedom more significant than citizens’ online safety? The internet has drastically transformed the style of communication and sources of information and entertainment. Nonetheless, a multitude of people abuse the purpose and privilege of the internet. Meaning that a push for more online regulations can decrease the dangers of online communication and apportion of information. Harassment, Predators, and Cyberbullying To begin with, there’s not that many laws that protect citizens from cyber harassment and more supervision is needed for the protection of citizens. Cyber harassment is aggressive online pressure and intimidation; and it can substantially affect the victims’ online habits. As stated in an article from Kaveh Waddell, “…More than one in four internet users—not just those

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