Persuasive Essay On Cyberbullying

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“Think before you click.” This is probably one of the most famous lines netizens encounter whenever an online page exposes a cyberbullying case that eventually leads to a victim’s depression or suicide. Different organization campaigning against cyberbullying use this as their statement to elicit awareness to the seemingly rampant exchange of libelous statements throughout the internet. However, campaigns are not efficient in preventing these cases from happening again. Due to the online world’s distracting environment, these campaigns can easily be forgotten. The creation of Social Networking Sites or SNS is made possible by our dynamic technological advances. In the past decades, this invention helped us to communicate easily through simple mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. From organized reminders to virtual groups, Social Networking Sites automate things that are manually done prior to its emergence. By providing a fast-paced interaction and user-friendly user interface, Social Networking Sites undeniably became involved in our everyday lives. However, it appears that this helpful innovation is being used as a channel for unethical activities. Aside from hacking and identity theft, this platform is also used as a place for cyberbullying. With the rampant cyberbullying cases which affect the physical, psychological and behavioral aspect of an adolescent’s individual growth, this essay assesses the effectiveness of school policies in preventing and addressing

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