Persuasive Essay On Cybercrime

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ESSAY PLAN Essay question: Seeking justice against the perpetrators of cybercrime is often difficult. Critically examine the challenges of identifying and convicting those involved in cybercrime. Essay question paraphrased: Cybercrime is currently one of the most important issues to deal with as the rate is increasingly high. Cybercrime creeps into the lives of an increasing number of victims. These victims are often unaware that they have been targeted and rarely take these attacks seriously until it is too late. It is not very easy to catch cyber criminals and seeking justice is often unfruitful. The aim is to examine the problems faced in identifying these perpetrators and sentencing them. Thesis statement (argument): A lot has been written on cybercrime and its prevention, but the problem is, it can be very difficult task to crack down on cyber criminals. The anonymity provided by the internet makes it convenient for people to do things and from any location in the world. The main argument in this paper is about the difficulties confronting law enforcement and cyber forensic analysts in bringing these perpetrators to justice. Arguments Evidence References Topic 1 (this is about …): Who are cybercriminals and how do they operate. Point 1: Cybercrimes are mostly committed by individuals or small groups. These "professional" criminals treat them like a business and form global criminal communities. Criminal communities share similar ideologies,

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