Persuasive Essay On Dance

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At some point in their early lives, girls – and even some boys – dream of being performing ballet on stage. Animated movies depict ballet-dancing princesses, which is arguably one of the reasons why kids are so engrossed with this elegant form of dance.

As a parent, your days are probably highlighted by mad dashes to get to the classes on time, seeing a sea of pink tutus and black leotards, as well as your daughter’s smile. Undeniably, they love it, and you should too. No, I’m not saying you should take classes, but you would want to learn and appreciate what this graceful art form does to your child’s overall development in the long run.

Ballet Helps Children Love and Appreciate the Arts

The dance originated in Italy during the Renaissance period in the 15th century, and was further developed in France (thus the numerous French terminologies) through the patronage of King Louis XIV, who was an accomplished performer himself. It is accompanied by fine musical scores, originating from the Renaissance, Classical and Romantic periods by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.

By exposing your children to ballet, they become more accustomed not only to the dance, but also to the music. We all know that Classical music (along with ones from the other periods before the 20th century) is highly beneficial to kids. As they become more accustomed to music, you never know: they may develop interest in music and later ask for piano lessons.

Remember, you should
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