Persuasive Essay On Daylight Saving Time

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We all have to deal with the times changing during daylight saving time. Personally, I think it is not easy adjusting to the change in time. It is a controversial topic on many parts of the world. Some say daylight saving time benefits the world. Although, there are many issues due to this event. Daylight saving time affects the world negatively because it causes health issues, increases both electricity usage and gasoline consumption.
As a student, I do not get enough sleep already due to the amount of homework I receive. Daylight saving time does not help my situation for the better. In fact, it can cause health issues such as “restlessness, sleep disruption and shorter sleep duration” (O’Connor). Studies show that people do lose sleep from daylight saving time. Sleep is an important part of our health and not enough sleep can seriously affect our health.
You would think daylight saving time conserves energy and electricity from the word ‘saving’. Many people claim it is helpful in areas such as “energy conservation, traffic safety and reduced crime” (Prerau). Although
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Daylight saving time gives us an extra hour, which causes an “increase in recreational and shopping travel by automobile” (Prerau). The extra hour of daylight causes more gasoline consumed. Both products lead to pollution. The pollution in the Earth is already bad enough and daylight saving time only makes the situation worse. Therefore, the world is not benefiting from daylight saving time.
All these effects of daylight saving time such as health issues, electricity usage and gasoline consumption negatively impact the world. Daylight saving time lessens the amount of sleep we get which affects our health. More electricity and gasoline is consumed due to the extra hour. Without daylight saving time these effects would not be as bad. Which is why daylight saving time should not continue in the
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