Persuasive Essay On De-Extinction

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De-Extinction, a interesting topic that most people don’t have an opinion on. De-extinction is a process which uses the DNA of extinct animals and use a surrogate mother and father to bring back an extinct animal. Scientists are working on ways to bring back animals such as wooly mammoths and maybe even dinosaurs. This is a very hopeful topic from different points of view, and a very scary topic from others. Also, some scientists think it’s impossible for certain animals and not for others. For example, science says that they can’t get enough DNA from dinosaurs to be able to bring them back because they only have fossils. Wooly mammoths may be easier because their bodies have been frozen in ice making it easier to take the DNA and put it in elephants. This process can bring animals back that can affect our ecosystems in a very big way. They can also alter the ways of life in those ecosystems. But it could also repopulate areas that low in numbers, a very good thing.

For starter, scientists are considering bringing back multiple different species and are working very hard on ways to do that. They have come up with multiple ways to do, one of them is extracting DNA from that animal, like a fossil or frozen mammoth. They then use that DNA and insert it into a surrogate mom, of a close species, and have a surrogate father, of the same close species as the mother, involved in the process. They they have a new old species back roaming the earth again. They can help to
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