Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

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Taking someone’s life for a crime he has committed has always been known to mankind. When we look back at the medieval times with their witch executions and the Christians with their crucifixions. Taking a life for a life has always been a natural reflex mostly driven by hatred and revenge. It is an reflex that to this day is still put into practice in 37 countries around the world. A reflex that over the years has brought up many questions. Is it a denial of the human right to live? But then again does somebody who denied someone their life deserve to live? If we do take the criminals life, do we lower ourselves to their level? Is this the solution to offer peace to the family of the victim, but then again don’t you hurt the family of the convicted in the same way as the victim’s family was hurt? Many countries thought that the moral price was too high and abolished the death penalty. 101 countries do not use death penalty anymore and 50 haven’t used it in the last ten years. Although it seems like the tide is turning and death penalty is slowly making its way out of our justice system this is still a hot topic which tests the limits of our moral believes. There is an extremely long list of pro’s and contra’s on this subject, which makes sense because we are talking about a human life. There is only one thing that both sides do agree on and that is that the convicted should be punished. In what way however is a totally different question. “It teaches the commend

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