Persuasive Essay On Death Penalty

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Death Penalty According to the 2010 Gallup Poll, 64% of the United State of America are supporting the death penalty, I as an American am part of that 36% that is against it. I do not believe that we as human being should determine whether another person should live or die. A second reason that I am against the death penalty is for the reason that the accused person could be innocent and normally the accused person only has one court presentation and is only judged by the judge not a jury of their peer, and is sent to death row where they pay for a crime that they haven’t done. My final reason that i do not believe that the death penalty should count as a punishment for the American people is because, a person that has done a massive massacre shouldn’t just be able to leave the world just like that without paying and suffering for what they have done, Or should the death punishment continue as it is for it has a great benefit to us as citizens of the United States. Will you stand with us or against us? I do not support the death penalty for some couple of reasons. First I do not think that a human being should be able to judge a person on their crime, a person should be jailed as a punishment. If we as human decide whether a person lives or dies from a bad doing, then we are as guilty as them and are doing the same thing as them by killing them. So as a result, I in my opinion of this subject do not believe
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