Persuasive Essay On Designer Babies

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In today’s society trends are set every single day. Some trends are fun and exciting, while others lead to sickness and death. Trends from trying new foods, to eating tide pods, to wearing popular, expensive, designer clothing are exposed to the world all the time. The most unusual, unsafe, and unnecessary trend in today’s society is designer babies. Designer babies are genetically modified children that were designed when they were still embryos in the womb. The first designer baby was born in 2000. This procedure has become increasingly more popular with every passing year. Most people are still skeptical of this unnatural process while others believe designing a real child to look however one chooses seems like a great option. It is said that this mutation could possibly take away premature cancer found in an embryo. It could possibly get rid of genetic deficiencies. In the long run, however, it could cause more negative outcomes than positives. Genetically modified babies seem to have positive benefits, but modifying children could potentially harm the child in the future, is an unnecessary procedure, and is overall socially and ethically wrong. Changing a child 's natural genetic structure may seem like a benefit to get rid of a potentially dangerous gene. However, changing the natural genetic structure can still harm the child and future offspring and future descendants of that child. Rebecca Dresser, a Professor of Law and Ethics in Medicine, claims, “As a result,
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