Persuasive Essay On Digital Technology

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After few years the New Aesthetic became a term to describe the aesthetic trend within all the different fields of art. It is a celebration of the past 20 years of digital activity. In some point we can say that it is a result of developing computational machines, jacquard looms and early musical instruments. These last 20 years is what makes up the history of the internet, and makes it possible for people in the digital design field to be nostalgic and sentimental about past digital styles. What these 20 years also have brought up is a generic style within graphic and visual design, making it possible to work with digital clichés. This high correspondence with the Internet gave a beginning to the one of the most popular trends which emerged over past two years - Post Internet art. The term does not imply art after…show more content…
There is a justified and rising opposition to drone warfare (and computational surveillance and intelligence), which may or may not produce lasting political change; but even if successful this will only change the images and objects employed, not the modes of thinking, coupled to technological mastery, which drive it. Without a concerted effort to raise the level of debate, it will loop over and over through the same fetishisations and reifications, while the real business of the world continues unexamined. Those who cannot understand technology are doomed to be consumed by it. The idea that these ideas lack politics is especially laughable when you look at what’s happening in much of the art world, and most of the digital art world. A young, post-Iraq generation who have had all hope of political participation kettled out of them, and are then endlessly accused of apathy to boot. No wonder it’s all personal brands, car culture, glossy gifs and facebook performances. Technology is political. Everything is political. If you cannot perceive the politics, the politics are being done to
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