Persuasive Essay On Disable People

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There are 110-190 million disable people on the work which is 15% of the world`s population. This means that rates of disables are going up worldwide. These disable people are treated poorly in the I have happy to say that the way we treat them now is a lot better. Sometimes you can not see if they have a disabled or it may not be visible.The disability people in the world have dream/goals just like you,but they have ever day barriers unlike you and they have to pass the barriers including physical,social they have to work through to pass their goals. Throughout history the treatment of disabilities has been horrendous. In the early 1800’s,disable people have been called many names as moron and idiot are used to insult the person or people…show more content…
74 ¨percent of Americans who live with a severe disability do not use such devices(Wheelchair).¨ This means that lots more people then you know have disabilities. Now knowing the information above you can infer that disability rates are going up. This paragraph talks about barriers that disable people have to go through ever day which you don`t. Stereotyping or called the attitudinal barrier this is when someone is stereotyped by putting them down or calling them names. ¨Attitudinal barriers are the most basic and contribute to other barriers. For example, some people may not be aware that difficulties in getting to or into a place can limit a person with a disability from participating in everyday life and common daily activities.¨ This shows that its a everyday thing for disable people to be made fun of. This can be a barrier to have fun they can not have the mobility or physical traits to do the same this as you. ¨Physical barriers are structural obstacles in natural or man made environments that prevent or block mobility (moving around in the environment) or access.¨ This shows that disable people have a much harder time doing things that you might find

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