Persuasive Essay On Disabled Americans

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Throughout history the disabled have been mistreated and abused. Today we are making improvements to make it better. We should be trying to make it better all disabled people in the future, because they deserve the right as much as any other person.
Some say, that people with disabilities are treated the same as they were in the past or that it’s not an issue on how they are treated. “Employment for disabled Americans has actually fallen since 1990, and there's an even bigger gap between disabled and non-disabled jobs prospects today” (Gallacher). This clearly shows that the disabled are not treated the same as they were in the past. Today we help the need for the disabled by social services, so they don’t require the disabled to work in order
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Helen says, “Individuals with disabilities are able to bring work ethic skills to complete an assignment or project, allowing them to make a contribution to society” (Okobokekeimei). Disabled people can bring in skills that a nondisabled person can do, and in most cases people with disabilities strive to do better than the average person. Helen also writes, “They say people should not use terms, such as “handicapped” and “slow,” for individuals with disabilities. People should not assume a disability defines a person’s identity” (Okobokekeimei). You shouldn’t ridicule a person based on looks, they can be role models for others and just simply treat others the way you would want to be treated. Everyone should be accepted for who they are. Paul stated, “People with disabilities want to be recognized for their abilities, not their disabilities. Some individuals prefer the term “differently abled” rather than disabled” (Burtner). They just wanted to be treated just like you and me and be recognized for what they can do, instead of what they can’t. Setting everyone at a higher state of mind in the future will decrease people on being biased against the
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