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Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth! The highly and number one thing that is on everyone’s bucket list is going to Disney World and meeting the king and queen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Everyone feels alive and adrenaline run through their body, don’t you want that same sensational feeling. (BANDWAGON). Either, you want to be bored and do adult things all your life or unlock the inner child and let it play on Space Mountain. (FALSE DILEMMA) I want to make that happen because I know what fun is! I am the definition of fun even though sometimes I may have some rules, but at the end of the day, I make people leave with a smile on their face. (AD HOMINEM TU QUOQUE). I want to become the next grand duchess of Disney World because I was crowned…show more content…
I would make the firework show last longer and have kids light up their own fireworks. I know that I can make the happiest place on Earth, even more, happier because I can. (BEGGING THE QUESTION) I asked my seven sisters if I make them happy and they all agreed. (BIASED SAMPLE). There is nothing better than seeing my sisters unleash their inner child and having the time of their lives in Hollywood Tower of Terror. I will bring more rides in that are more spine-chilling and give a rush of adrenaline. I will make the wait times shorter and I will make transportation around the park easier. I am fit to become the grand duchess of Disney World. Mickey and Minnie know my name by heart and have taken a picture a with me every time I visit. For those people that think that I am not fit for this position, there is not a law that states I can’t dream. I have dreamed of this position my whole life. I am a cheerful, outgoing person and I like to think that I am very kind hearted. Becoming the grand duchess will not only make me happy but the kids from around America happy. I want to rule the happiest place on Earth and I want you to vote for me for the grand duchess of Disney

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