Essay On Distracted Drivers

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As you cruise through the streets in your car, do you find yourself paying attention to your electronic device or do you find yourself paying attention to the road? If you’re one of the many people that have an addiction to their phone and just can’t wait to reach their destination then you must read this to understand how much this distracted driving can change your life and the people around you. There are way too many cases of deaths due to distracted drivers. Some drivers have no care in the world and just use social media as they drive. On the other hand, there could be that 2/10 people that are using their device for emergency purposes. Do you feel that our state does enough to prevent distracted driving? Admit it! Our state doesn’t provide…show more content…
It gets me so angry when I see a parent driving and just staring into their phone liking pictures on social media and commenting on a post in Facebook with a precious baby in the backseat. Seriously.. parents like that obviously must not care about the safety of her child. As kids grow up watching their parents drive with a phone in their hand they will think its normal to do. This is wrong. The parents should be a role model and set examples so that when their kids start driving, they will understand that 's not safe. If the parent drives carefully with the phone stuffed in their purse, then their children will follow their footsteps. Policemen are also distracted drivers. According to the police magazine, In-car computers are useful tools in law enforcement and public safety. They work great when you are not distracted and have time to read the information on the screen that is being sent to you. Computers are also useful when you want to conduct records checks on vehicles and individuals that you encounter."The Dangers of Distracted Driving." Police Magazine. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2017. If it 's difficult to keep your eyes on the road with a cell phone, just imagine how difficult it is with a
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