Persuasive Essay On Distracted Walking

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“Beep, beepity beep beep!!” I look down at my iPhone, while I’m in the road, just to see my amazing Instagram post there of Winter Jam in Kansas City, Missouri. Next thing you know you hear a “screech!” and a “crash!” Next time, will you be distracted by a notification? Distracted walking has become a serious and dangerous problem in the United States. Some people think the solution is to make it illegal. Others think that it shouldn’t be a big problem, because it’s common sense, and that there shouldn’t be a law against it. Distracted walking is when a pedestrian is looking on their phone, not paying any attention at what’s going on around them. Some cities try to make a solution to this problem for pedestrian safety reasons. Other cities, such as Honolulu is doing that. They’re doing what it is the best for the safety of children, elderly, and adults, by making a law against distracted walking. I think, there should be a law against distracted walking. Let’s say you were walking, while looking on FaceBook or something, and not at all paying attention. You get hit by a stupid driver that didn’t see you. Would you want that to happen to you or to any of your loved ones? No, you would not, so I would be obviously common sense to make it illegal. Next time, don’t look on your phone while walking. There should be a law against distracted walking because too many pedestrian are dying. The states that, “there was 5,997 pedestrian fatalities in 2016. This is important
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