Persuasive Essay: Why Should We Get Distraated?

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Have you ever felt disarranged? Has it ever crossed you that you want to get more done, but it seems like your train of thought, your surroundings or your work even can get in your way, and the task at hand? Did you ever wish there was a way to lock yourself up to beat a deadline? If that describes you, then you are just like everyone else that has had difficulty concentrating at some point. Yes, everyone has dealt with distraction and cluttered minds! Take this situation into consideration: You’re at your keyboard, and you’re ready to zero in on that work report that’s due the next morning. It’s a full year in review and you have eight hours left. You’re ready. You’re determined. Then all of a sudden… Your phone rings. It’s your mom reminding…show more content…
The next thing you know, you check the watch on your laptop and it says you’ve been browsing the internet for hours! We all know the struggles of keeping and growing our ability to have laser focus. But it’s important to know why we get distracted before we know how to avoid distractions. Jeremy Statton shares four main reasons why we get distracted so often: 1. Personal affirmation. When we find ourselves distracted by social media or by phone calls from others, it may be because we feel like if we don’t respond to a call or comment back to someone’s post, that we won’t be affirming them, and in response, they will not affirm us. My friend, Preston, once said that the reason why so many people prey over social media is because they are finding ways to gain more ‘likes’ or ‘follows’. 2. Dreams. Dreams are good, and everyone should dream big, but what usually happens is we might use dreams for negative reasons. Often the idea of daydreaming pushes us to the things that could have been happening now, instead of being stuck at the office with a graphic due, or at school while listening to History
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