Persuasive Essay On Do Or Die

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Do or die. It was never a give-and-take situation with my grandparents. Upon reaching home from kindergarten, I had to unpack my books and start on homework. Attending kindergarten and completing homework became daily rituals and all I wanted as a reward was a 1-hour play time at the park. The opportunity to live under the supervision of my ‘helicopter grandparents’ made me learn to stand own feet and bear with the hiccups along my life voyage. Being education enthusiasts, my grandparents made one decision which was pivotal and made an immense effect; their ultimate choice of kindergarten for me. Kindergarten was unique; I had one teacher, 15 schoolmates and no uniform. Putting on a simple t-shirt with three quarters, I hurried to school in the morning to complete my reading session first and then, play while the other children waited for their turn. My kindergarten was just a single-storey house with a small porch, where the play area was. We did not have numerous slides to play on, just one. On a daily basis, teacher would give a file of Math and English worksheets and expect it to be completed by the next day. I loathed the workload but I coerced myself to sit still and complete it. The day finally arrived when I had a ‘cutoff point’ and decided to shroud my homework, pretending I did not have any. Well, let’s just say the plan did not go so well.
Miss Khoo was the teacher who perpetually accentuated that I had a zeal for Math and should make full use of my potential.
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