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Dodgeball is a sport that has some complex things, but very basic things that everyone will understand . that ill explain all about it in very detail and interesting things.

The sport has a lot of requirement , that they have to follow such as member in each squad or such as groups that I'm gonna explain, such as only allowed up to 6 members on both sides and lowest is 3 on both sides to start a game also the size of the balls is usually 8.5 inches and have 6 rubber balls , also a rule that if I had the ball for 10 seconds and longer you have to roll it to the other side. (mesoamerican)

The game is all about knocking out the other side of the field sounds easy, but can be prove very difficult when it's all about strength in your arms also
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The sport was known to do too much damage to people that it had caused dmg people brain broken limbs before how hard the ball has been throw most likely blood nose but the sport is still famous sport. But now since no one plays it anymore the sport will soon die out to a point no one will ever play it. (National assocaition)
The game commences with the opening rush. All the dodgeballs are lined up in the centre of the court, with both teams rushing from their base line to the balls. Players have to simultaneously grab and throw a Dodgeball or roll it back to a team-mate.
To play Dodgeball, the minimum amount of equipment required is 6 balls and a court to play on. In a regulation game, uniforms can be worn(Dodgeball). While there is no real point scoring in Dodgeball, the aim of the game is to eliminate players of the opposing team, which can be done in a number of ways. The most obvious way is hitting an opponent with a ball, if a player is hit and the ball is not caught before becoming dead, that player is eliminated. However, if a player throws a ball that is caught by an opponent, the throwing player is eliminated from the
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