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Dog fighting has become a major problem in the united states. Every state in any kind of community has dog fighting, but how can we stop this cruel manor? Recently on March 10th two Tennessee men were arrested for two counts of animal cruelty and one count of animal fighting. The dogs that were found were eleven pit bulls and ten pit bull puppies. The police also found dogs strapped to treadmills; chemicals to enhance muscle and training for the use of fighting. (AP Regional State Report) Dog fighting is outlawed in all 50 sates, but there are problems preventing it. The ways we could possibly prevent it, get rid of the fighting dog breed, give animal shelters/ breeders ways to look for signs of people that fight dogs and to start making it mandatory for dogs to be chipped.
The pit bull is the main dog breed for fighting in the United States. Some people don't raise these
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We can put all these rules into affect and try to stop it in every way that we can, but who's to say it will actually stop? Getting rid of a certain fighting breed, giving dog breeders and animal shelters ways to look for signs of people that fight dogs, and start making it mandatory for dogs to be microchipped are all great ways to prevent the fighting of dogs. The dog fights may not ever go away, but there is a a chance that it could decrease significantly if we put these rules into affect. Dogs don't deserve to be treated like play toys to just hurt and abuse for no reason, dogs are supposed to be loved and cared for. Having a dog is a privilege not a right. A dog isn't born mean and wanting to fight when it is born, people turn dogs into vicious animals for their own personal pleasure. Hopefully someday dog fighting will come to an end maybe not in my lifetime, maybe not even in the net generation. We need to be the change to end this cruel act of

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