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Dogs should be placed in a life jacket whenever they are going to be in water or around any water source, like ponds, beaches, and pools. By putting a life jacket on your dog, you will know he/she won’t drown. A life jacket for a dog come in a large variety of sizes, from XXS to XXL. An XS jacket is designed to fit small dogs like Pekingese, toy poodles, Bichon, and Silky, which all fit in a range of 7-15 pounds in weight. If you have a smaller dog, like Chihuahuas, Yorkshires, and Pomeranians, you will want to purchase an XXS jacket. If your dog is slightly larger, 15-20 pounds, like the Welsh Terriers, Dachshunds, and Russel terriers, you will want to purchase a small life jacket. Similar to how human clothing are sized, a bigger dog will require a bigger life jacket, and a smaller dog needs a smaller life jacket.

Most dog life jackets are equipped with a quick grab handle, which is
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The life jacket will keep your dog safe if he/she should get tired or be overcome by sudden cramps. Remember, dogs that are overweight, old, or sick tire quicker than healthier and younger dogs. With this in mind, be certain to use a dog life jacket to protect them. Dogs, just like humans, tire to the point where it is hard to keep their head above the water, and should your dog reach this point, the dog life jacket can save them. The materials that are used when manufacturing a dog’s life jacket are durable, breathable, and buoyant. Make sure you introduce your dog to water in a safe manner, especially if he/she is a puppy. If you do this in the proper manner, you will allow your dog to feel safe and secure while splashing and playing. It will also decrease his/her anxiety on the next visit to the water. It can be uncomfortable for your dog the first time you put him/her in a dog life jacket, so be sure to allow him/her to get used to it before putting him/her in the

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