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World Animal Protection USA, an organization that promotes the need to help suffering animals, stated, “Dolphins in the wild may swim up to 40 or 50 miles in a day and can dive to depths of hundreds of feet. Even in the largest captive facilities, dolphins have access to less than 1/10,000 of 1% (0.000001%) of the space available to them in their natural environment.” Dolphin captivity is when people keep dolphins in closed-in areas and own them for educational purposes or entertainment purposes. Dolphin circuses are groups of people who keep dolphins, normally illegally, to train them to do tricks and show off their tricks to people for a price. Dolphins, who are not kept in captivity and circuses are in their natural habitat, the ocean.…show more content…
It has been claimed that in captivity, the health of dolphins improves. Zach Affolter, an animal activist that raises awareness through videos, poems, and articles, described, “A great deal of interest has developed in the conservationist community about the possibility of using captive breeding to sustain populations that would otherwise be endangered or eliminated by various artificial threats. Several successful births of cetaceans have been delivered in captivity, primarily of bottlenose dolphins and killer whales.“ However, dolphins should not be kept in captivity, nor circuses because their health decreases in captivity and circuses. Dolphin Project, an organization dedicated to the welfare and protection of dolphins worldwide, said, “Here they are trained by starvation. They learn to jump through hoops, play catch with plastic toys and perform other unnatural behaviors for a fish reward. Their teeth are filed down so they can’t accidentally bite a visitor.” This evidence proves that when dolphins are forced to perform tricks for the audience, they are at risk of failing to complete these tricks which can severely injure them. When dolphins get their teeth filed down, they are forced

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