Domestic Abuse Research Paper

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It is a shocking fact that “nearly 20 people per minute are physically abuse they their partner in the United States” (NCADV). Thousands of people are affected by abuse but sadly not all get reported to the police. Many do not know that domestic abuse is not just child abuse or physical abuse. Domestic abuse comes in different forms that people can experience in their lives and not know they are experiencing some type of abuse. Countless innocent people are impacted by domestic violence; fortunately organizations such as White Ribbon in Australia and Women Against Abuse are attempting to make a difference to make a change.
Different types of abuse exist, including verbal or nonverbal abuse, sexual abuse, stalking or cyberstalking, economic
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Yelling, screaming and name calling is a form of Emotional/Verbal abuse. “Sexual abuse consists of sexual assault: forcing someone to participate in unwanted, sexual activity, sexual harassment: ridiculing another person to try to limit their sexuality, sexual exploitation: such as forcing someone to look at pornography.” Repeated phone calls and watching with hidden cameras is Stalking/Cyberstalking. “Economic or financial abuse withholding economic resources such as money or credit cards, and withholding physical resources such as food, clothes, necessary medications.” Using the partners religious or spiritual beliefs to manipulate them, and prevent them from practicing their religious or spiritual beliefs is known as Spiritual abuse.(deBenedictis et. al.). Any one from teens to adults to all types of race can experience these forms of abuse, since abuse can happen to anyone it is important to be educated about it.(Thawley, John Who Are The Victims Domestic…show more content…
By providing training to know the signs of domestic abuse it can help reduce the numbers of domestic abuse. Bringing trainings to work places, churches or wellness places will increase the knologibility of the signs of domestic abuse. Having more resources in communities, for example a safety shelter, therapy for families and emotional support to help cope with the trauma. Having people in the community assist in shelters and raise awareness is another way to go. Just by being involved makes a big
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