Persuasive Essay: Why To Donate A Car

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In the sunny state of California, you can donate a car whether it runs or not. There are people who will come and pick it up 24/7 for you and you don't have to do anything. Sometimes people have cars that aren't worth money and it will cost them to try and dispose of a car. others have spare cars and want to donate them to a charity of give them away to those who need it. The companies will not only come and pick them up for free, but they'll also tow it away in trucks free of charge for you.

Most people don't know it, but cars are made up of many parts. Sometimes a car is worth more when you pull it apart and sell off each piece. For example, you might own a fifteen year old car and it's only worth a thousand dollars the way it is. However,
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You should never give away more than you can afford because everyone has to live somehow. However, if you are someone who has spare money and would like to help the poor instead of spend unnecessary money on a really expensive car just for the hell of it then I think that's great.

The first thing you need to do to donate a car to charity is jump online and do a Google search for any vehicle donation service. These services are surprisingly popular around the United States -- and far more popular in the United States than other parts around the globe. There are over 300 charities across the US where a person can choose to donate a car or motorcycle.


Spend some good time with you and your partner or family and decide which charity you would prefer to donate the car to. For example, some people sometimes prefer one charity over another. In addition to deciding which you prefer, make sure you check which is the closet, or at least within a travelling distance for you. Don't forget you need to get home again too if you are not getting the car picked up. There are services where they will come to your house and pick the car or motorbike up for you, but you'll need to be within a certain distance since most charities don't have a great deal of
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