Persuasive Essay On Dream Clients

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You read about them, hear about them but haven’t met them yet.
You’ve probably already had a few great experiences with clients.
But those fantastic people who will fall in love with your work and can 't wait to send a deposit to hire you giving you all the freedom you need to create, haven’t appeared yet.

I may disappoint you, but I’ll tell you a big secret:
There are no dream clients.
Unfortunately, the born-to-be-a-dream-client breed doesn’t exist yet.

There are however, normal people -with their goods and bads- who will happily transform into dream clients, only in 1 situation:
When they meet the creative professional of their dreams!

This explains a lot!
Like, why for instance, some creative freelancers enjoy working with wonderful people while others are struggling every day with rude, demanding and disrespectful individuals.

If you haven’t met them yet, apparently you aren’t the dream creative your clients are waiting for.
This does not necessarily mean you are not a qualified professional, but you certainly lack some basic skills and expertise to land the quality clients you wish you had.

It took me a few years to realize this simple truth.

When I was just starting out as a freelance architect, a family friend decided to hire me for designing a block of flats.
I had to cooperate with an older architect who was in charge of the project.
It was one of the worst experiences in my whole career.
The older “colleague” didn’t actually want to work with me,

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