The Importance Of Dress Codes In School

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Dress code is a crucial part of school since it teaches good habits while preparing you for the later in life and creating a feeling of equality. In most schools today there is no dress code, but that needs to change. There are tons of cases of bullying in schools all across America. By enforcing a dress code it can unify students and ultimately help them in the long run. Not only does the dress code lessen bullying, it ingrains good habits for later in life. A dress code at every school will help in the long run.

Bullying is a big issue in the U.S. and having schools enforce a dress code will help diminish this problem. When students get bullied, it is often because of how they carry and present themselves. If everyone wore the same thing
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We all strive to be taken seriously, and one of the best ways to do that is dressing professionally. When wearing a button down and a tie, there is a feeling of confidence that is unmatched and unattainable by wearing sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt. If you think about it, 90 percent of jobs will not have you wearing a sweatshirt. So, when a dress code is enforced at high schools it gets teens warmed up to the idea of wearing these clothes all day for the rest of their lives. When going for a job interview, what should you wear? A suit and tie because that is what makes you look and feel as professional and reliable as possible. When dressed professionally, you can act professionally. That is what we all want and those qualities are things that all of us strive for. With a dress code they are absolutely achievable.

By enforcing a dress code, you not only get a tighter community but a student body that will mature quicker and develop good habits for later in life. It is amazing how what you wear can dictate how you feel. Not only about yourself but, about others. You cannot take back a first impression and how you look plays a crucial role in that. Everyone wants to be respected and when you look respectable you will get respect. When a dress code is enforced at a young age, it gets teen used to looking professional and will develop the habits you need to be successful in your

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