Persuasive Essay On Dress Code In Schools

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Dress Code
As of 2007- 2008 school year, 16.5% of all public schools to wear uniforms. A dress code is a set of rules, usually written and posted specifying the required manner of dress at schools, offices, clubs, and restaurants. The importance of a dress code is for neatness and professionalism(7E) . It is important to have a dress code because it can prevent misconduct and distractions in the surrounding area(1D).
However, for the opposing side students should have the rights to wear clothings to express their inner feelings or their different personalities(2A).” No , students should be allowed to choose clothing in styles that match their personalities. If they are forced to wear uniforms, they can not express themselves”(5C). “Yes, because kids get bullied because of their clothes. When kids all wear the same clothes other students can not make fun of what they are wearing because they all dressed alike(5B).
It is important to have a dress code because it can prevent misconduct(1A). It isn’t right for students to have a dress code because they can not express themselves but sometimes students can express themselves in a way that distracts the learning environment. Telling students what to wear is not defeating the purpose of having a dress code because they still going to wear whatever they want to wear. At Kinston High School, 16 different students have been sent to
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While the distractions is taking place other people who do not have clothes like he or she have on it could make them feel some type of way. It can also hurt an individual person feelings. It could lead to someone committing suicide because someone is talking about how thick or fat they are. Others students do not know how bad they could hurt someone’s feelings when they talking about someone’s weight or

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