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A majority of your drink intake should be soley water. However, teas, milk, and all natural juices are great too. I am an avid seltzer drinker and I like to flavor it with fresh citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. There are many great teas that taste great. I like to drink green tea and chai tea. However be very careful to watch out for teas with added sugars, just stick to tea bags and loose tea. As for milk, if you do not want to drink regular milk, coconut milk and almond milk are very tasty and great alternatives.

Stay away from soda, the sugar and chemicals involved in the production of this drink are very harmful to your body, and also stay away from artificial sweeteners.

How to Keep It Off at a Party

Whether it is a birthday party, holiday party, or even just a get together with friends, I have the perfect solution to maintaining your weight.

First, let's start off with beverages. Water is the best, but seltzer with lemon or lime is also very good for you. Unsweetened tea works as well. All natural fruit juice is great too. Juice can be confusing, but all natural fruit juice contains no added sugars. So stick to organic and natural juice products.

Next, snacks. No doubt there will be chips. Always remember serving sizes! Chips are okay to have but remember to have them in a serving, and that
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Think outside of the box when deciding what kind of exercise to do. It is always important to get a good cardio workout. Instead of taking a jog by yourself, think about running around with your dog or riding a bike. There are other alternatives as well. Jumping on a trampoline or jumping rope are both excellent ways to keep the heart rate up while exercising. Another great form of exercising is swimming. Many muscles in the body benefit from swimming. Be active with your friends and play a game of soccer or basketball. Who said you can't have fun and still get a great

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