Drinking Age Limitations

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The issue of drinking alcohol has always been one of the most discussed in any society. We now have access to numerous data showing how destructive the influence of alcohol on people can be. Especially important is this to consider in case of young people who still do not completely understand what they do with their lives and where their illegal behavior can lead them. In regards to this, the limitations on selling alcohol in the USA are quite strict and people under 21 should not be allowed to drink. However, there exist some discussions concerning whether to lower this age limitation or not. There are many supporters of both ways of solving this problem, and they all have quite reasonable argumentation for their positions. However, do the…show more content…
The studies show that after implementation of this restriction, the number of drunken driving cases with lethal outcomes, the number of homicides and suicides as well as injuries among people in the category of 18-20 was reduced. This is claimed to be the result of a working law on limitations. However, even from the economical point of view, the deaths that would be caused by the removal of age restriction to the point of 18 would cost more than the benefits that would be gained from such actions. There is even more to mention. Despite the fact that the legal limitation on alcohol consumption is acting throughout the whole country, the “right to set any drinking age remains in the states' control” (Choose Responsibility) so that the age index may vary.
There are already some ideas what to do in case of lowering the minimum legal drinking age. One of the ideas is the implementation of alcohol education course that those between 18 and 20 have to complete and get a license. However, there is no evidence that such thing would work appropriately. In any way, numerous programs led by the specialists might help people to decrease the risks of drinking alcohol independently of the fact whether the minimum age is 21 or
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