Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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We always hear the “Dude, I’m a fantastic drunk driver” at a bar and it's an unsettling feeling considering many people are terrible drivers. What’s more unsettling is that a large number of people are killed in drunk driving accidents. Some people even say they are better drivers when they are high. They claim that they become more concentrated after smoking marijuana. 5 nanograms is the legal driving limit in states where marijuana is legal and the legal BAC (blood alcohol content) in New York state is .08. However, the legal limit is different from that of the actual limit where your judgement and driving skills are impaired.

Understanding how drugs affects the body is important to understand why there is a legal limit. Alcohol is classified as a drug and a depressant. This means that it slows down vital functions including, but not limited to, the inability to react quickly, poor judgement, unsteady movement, and distorted perceptions (Foundation for a Drug
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The legal limit for blood alcohol content is in place to ensure no accidents or risks are taken when operating a motor vehicle. But how do people who feel completely fine after consuming alcohol know they will not be arrested if they are pulled over and found to have a higher than legal limit? Most people are incredibly sensible and will not risk it, but there are the few who will completely disregard any safety concerns for themselves or others. A study conducted in Berkshire, England by the Transportation Research Center (2010) with the Daily Mail found volunteers of different ages, weights, and drinking habits. They were given controlled amounts of alcohol to raise their BAC. Participants were tested on driving simulators and determined their ability to follow a line, maintain safe speeds, reaction times, and harsh braking patterns. The results of the study showed a 33 percent decrease in driving performance, but also showed other surprising

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