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“Only the good die young,” is an aphorism that most have heard, but why is it that the leading cause of death in young people is vehicle accidents? The fact of the matter is that teens, for many reasons, are involved in more fatal crashes than any other age group. Teen driver safety, or the lack thereof, is very problematic in the state of Missouri; teens die senselessly every day due to this problem, and most cases could be prevented if people simply became more knowledgeable. There is a staggering amount of teen deaths every year in Missouri, and the leading cause is car crashes. There are eight broad categories that attribute to this factoid. Inexperience in teen drivers is the most substantial reason for these accidents. The possibility of teens…show more content…
Teens practicing their driving more in general, as well as having more experience in potential serious scenarios, would greatly help the cause. Also, teens discussing serious local accidents can make them more aware of just how possible it is for this dilemma to become their own dilemma. A foolproof way to make teens drive more safely is for their parents to make them pay their own tickets and fines (#9). Ultimately, one of the biggest influences for teens is their family, and how their families drive is no exception. Passengers are a huge problem in regards to teen driving. Missouri law puts a one passenger restriction on drivers during the first six months they possess a license, under the circumstances that the passenger is not a family member and is not over the age of nineteen. Passengers increase the possibility of a fatal crash by almost fifty percent (#4). This is not to say that teen passengers intend to cause accidents in any way, but it is crucial that teen drivers understand the distraction factor that accompanies

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