Persuasive Essay On Driver Safety

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“Only the good die young,” is an aphorism that most have heard, but why is it that the leading cause of death in young people is vehicle accidents? The fact of the matter is that teens, for many reasons, are involved in more fatal crashes than any other age group. Teen driver safety, or the lack thereof, is very problematic in the state of Missouri; teens die senselessly every day due to this problem, and most cases could be prevented if people simply became more knowledgeable. There is a staggering amount of teen deaths every year in Missouri, and the leading cause is car crashes. There are eight broad categories that attribute to this factoid. Inexperience in teen drivers is the most substantial reason for these accidents. The possibility of teens being unprepared to operate a vehicle, or the lack of awareness of both teens and their parents surrounding the danger of teen passengers and the distractions they bring are two very feasible explanations for the high rate of driver inexperience-caused accidents (#1). Another common cause of crashes is teen passengers. Teen drivers are two hundred fifty percent more likely to drive recklessly and make more impulsive and essentially worse decisions when they are accompanied by just one adolescent passenger; the risk of a crash occurring increases with every passenger. Studies have found that teens use their seatbelt less than any other age group. A high majority of teens killed in accidents were not restrained. By Missouri
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