Drone Technology Research Paper

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), usually referred to as drones, may become common delivery vehicles in the not-too-distant future. In the competitive space where war is being waged between Amazon, UPS and established retail outlets, speed and efficiency are prevailing and Americans are beginning to find drone technology extremely interesting. But perhaps the greatest marketplace for drone technology will be in public sector marketplaces. Governmental entities are considering drone technology for public safety, security on university campuses, research capabilities and more. Still, in some quarters, drones are feared. The negative vibes are coming from people who think of drones that hover and collect information or data as being harbingers of "Big Brother." They fear an infringement of the privacy rights of Americans. But, when the negative perception of drones is overcome, as most believe it will be, drone technology will likely become a…show more content…
A project of a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation called Unpaved Roads is working to help states monitor unpaved roads and predict when critical repairs are needed. Aviation technology students at Purdue University are being taught how to operate and fly drones indoors. Purdue officials believe that training individuals is a huge marketplace of the future. The FAA plans to issue guidelines for drone operation for commercial purposes in 2015. Off the Washington coast, environmental researchers are using drones to monitor marine wildlife. The uses of drone technology are extremely diverse. Forest Service officials have used drones to spot fires and battle wildfires. Parks service employees can also use drones to find lost hikers. Public officials as well as environmentalists see drones as a vehicle that allows them to survey areas after natural disasters such as floods or
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