The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Addiction

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It may be argued that Marijuana is the most controversial of narcotics in the world. In 2009 approximately 360,000 Americans were Marijuana addicts that could not stop using without undergoing rehabilitation. Currently recommended for medical use in some states in the US and other Western countries, the drug has for the longest time been abused resulting in addiction. To understand the mechanics of Marijuana addiction, it is important to understand the nature of the drug. Marijuana contains the active ingredient THC that is fat-soluble meaning it is stored in fatty tissues for weeks or even months. Long-term recovery/rehabilitation for Marijuana involves the flushing of these toxins from the body, which has the effect of reducing the craving…show more content…
The first stage of treatment of Marijuana addiction starts with detoxification. Detox is the gradual flushing of the harmful THC from the body. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the clinician may administer maintenance drugs to make it easier for the patient to deal with withdrawal symptoms. The intensity of the detox procedure typically depends on:
Other addictions apart from Marijuana
How long the patient has been an addict
Dosage of Marijuana the patient has been using
Patient’s metabolism and body composition

It is important to note that detox is a generally safe procedure when conducted in the rehab or detox center by professionals. A patient should never attempt to detoxify on their own outside the medical setting as some effects of Marijuana withdrawal can be potentially severe and life threatening.

Regular consumption of Marijuana makes the individuals body used to having THC in their system. As such when the THC levels start going down during detox, they may experience varying levels of withdrawal symptoms depending on the severity of their addiction. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms that may manifest within the first 24 hours of detox include:
1. Extreme depression
2. Decreases appetite
3. Hallucinations
4. Trembling
5. Diarrhea
6. Agitation
7. Shaking
8. Loss of
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Rehab is the next step the patient goes through after the detox. Rehab refers to the ongoing detox and rehabilitation from the addiction through the patient analyzing and making personal assessments of the reasons that led them to Marijuana addiction. It is only by coming to terms with these reasons and addressing them that the patient can effectively wean themselves from the Marijuana addiction.
Marijuana rehab typically involves: individual, group, and family therapy.

Individual Therapy
During individual therapy, the patient will do some introspection by question why they turned to abuse of Marijuana. The clinician offers strategies that the patient can undertake so that they can get rid of bad interests and hobbies that led them down the path of drugs. Some of the most important aspects of the rehab program include learning time management skills, hopw to identify and deal with

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