Persuasive Essay On Drug Advertising

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Prescription drug (RX drug) advertising (ads) on television, newspapers, and magazines should be banned in the United States. Due to many reasons, including the economic and physical stress it sets on consumers who rely on prescription medications everyday. Drug prices are on the rise, as they need to support the hefty funding for nationwide commercials at prime times. RX drug ads are seen on a constant loop in American TV. Washington Post writer, Justin Moyer’s article American Medical Association Urges Ban on TV Drug Ads, states that DTC (direct to consumer) ads spending has increased by 30% to a $4.5 billion industry, resulting in a 5% increase in actual RX drugs in 2015. The cost of RX drug ads are funded through the actual drug, having the largest impact on patients who actually need and rely on the product. Patients suffer the most through the increase in prices, and are still bombarded by the ads everyday when consuming overpriced products that some need to survive. To add on, RX drug ad companies find ways through advertising to maximize their profit and not focus on the actual drug. RX drug ads are fueled through the want for increasing profits, regardless if consumers actually need the product, while having billions earned in revenue. StatNews’ article, Drug Industry Braces for an Attack on TV Ads, even “Gut Guy” states that the drug industry spends around $5 billion a year on DTC ads with big pharma left to pay taxes on the expenses, raising up to $50 billion

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