Persuasive Essay On Drug Legalization

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As most people know, drug can easily make people addicted. Conventional drugs such as opium, heroin, methamphetamine (ice), morphine, marijuana, cocaine can all classify as narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. Drug has been a severe problem for decades. The U.S government attaches great importance to this issue. However, there are just an increasing number of people calling for legalizing drugs. Recently, people being calling that they have freedom to do what the want—using drugs, and proposing legalizing using drugs. This essay will discuss drug legalization issues only in America by giving valid data and considerate suggestion to explain why researcher believes drug should be legalized in the U.S. Drug can lead to multiple social problems and potential threats in most case, and there are several reasons why the US is currently suffering from serious drug problems. The US has a great amount drug user: according to the statistics provided by the U.S Federal Government, An estimated 3.6 million people met diagnostic criteria for dependence on illegal drugs in 1999, including 800,000 youths between the ages of twelve and seventeen (America’s Drug Use Profile, p.1). In recent years, there has been a worrying trend of young drug addiction and the lower age of drug users. Age between 18-25 years, current use of any illegal drug has been rising since 1994 and currently stands at 18.8 percent. However, data shows that drug use between the ages of 12-18 has been decrease. Drug
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