Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing Athletes

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Drug testing athletes is just not doing enough to be worth the expense these schools are paying for them. I have been involved in sports since middle school and never have I been drug tested. I don 't do drugs so there is no reason for me to be tested some kids may do them but that is their decision I made mine by saying no to drugs. Unless the numbers of students getting involved in drugs is skyrocketing I don 't believe they should implement drug test on students in athletics and extracurricular activities.According to Cook (2017) ¨It 's just a matter of trying to figure out the best approach. And right now, drug testing is a way for schools to show they are Doing Something, even though they are accomplishing nothing¨(para. 9). Drug testing does not help the problem but it also doesn 't make it any worse. Instead of drug testing these kids we need to do something to help them. That helps them better themselves and their lives, but drug testing athletes is not going to help when the majority of the time it isn´t the athletes who are doing drugs (other than steroids). I am not saying drug test are bad i 'm saying they aren 't worth the schools expenses and they need to find something that will actually help these kids get clean or stay away from steroids and drugs without being scared of the repercussions. Studies show random drug tests are NOT helping. There is just as much interest in the drugs with random drug testing and without it. This in turn causes a problem and a

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